Torri Higginson


Date Of Birth

December 6, 1969


Canadian actress Tori Higginson was born on December 6, 1969 in Burlington, Ontario. She is known for her role in the Tekwar films and TV series, which are based on the novels of William Shatner, and for her appearance on the Academy-award nominated picture The English Patient. She also acts in the theater, and has performed in plays like Three Tall Women.

Elizabeth Weir is played by Tori Higginson on the Sci-Fi Channel series Stargate Atlantis. She is the commander of the Stargate Atlantis team, a highly intelligent woman who speaks five languages and has worked with the U.S. government for a long time.

Place of Birth

Burlington, Ontario

Birth Name

Torri Higginson



Fun Facts



2000: Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for: The City






5' 8" (1.72 m)


-Reporter: Did any of the SG-1 cast give you any advice?
-Torri Higginson: They said start drinking now, and don't stop for about nine years. They just told us to have fun.

(Speaking of the uniform on Stargate Atlantis )
-Torri Higginson: Personally, I just think jeans and a T shirt would be fantastic.

-Torri Higginson: I'm not a big telly watcher at all.

-Torri Higginson: I don't enjoy shopping. I like going to second-hand stores and finding bargains, but I don't like going out and shopping, so I have the same pair of cords I've worn for nine years.

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