Tony Testa


Date Of Birth

March 31, 1987


(Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon)
Tony Testa recently relocated to Los Angeles from his hometown of Wellington, Colorado. He started dancing at the age of eight and later went on tour with the original cast of "TapKids" and Aaron Carter's Jukebox World Tour. Since moving to Los Angeles, Tony has choreographed for Janet Jackson throughout her "20. Y.O." project as well as Sony's Las Vegas consumer show, and danced with Beyonce in "Dreamgirls" and with Britney Spears for MTV.

Place of Birth

tony was born in Wellington,Colorado

Birth Name

Tony Testa



Fun Facts

- Has 2 younger brothers

- First name is Anthony

- Likes to golf




.dreamgirls and michael jackson this is it






"I'm not trying to use a whole bunch of dancer lingo; I'm trying to use the most basic terminology and I'm giving the steps new names so people can easily follow," said Testa. "I'm teaching this mostly for people who have never danced - because I want to inspire kids to get off the couch and dance."

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