Tony Panici



Tony became known for being featured as one of the members of the cast in the MTV reality television series Life of Ryan. He is a native of San Clemente, California and has been described as being the one among all of Ryan’s friends who stands out the most, with an outspoken demeanor and a hunger to be the star and center of attention. He and Ryan are very competitive with each other, as both of them are skateboarders, though Tony tends to express himself more grandly with his personal flair for the dramatic.

Aside from skateboarding, he is also a talented basketball player. But his talent on a board rivals that of Ryan’s, and Tony has been sponsored by Oakley and Etnies. The two boys likewise compete fiercely for the attention and affection of the girls that they like. In the past, it turned nasty when Tony got into the habit of talking trash about Ryan because of their intense rivalry, leading to a huge argument and falling-out between the two of them. But in due time, they put the incident behind them and repaired their friendship. He has also been called the flirt of the group.

(Photo courtesy of Ewan Burns for MTV)

Birth Name

Tony Anthony Panici




2007-2008: Life of Ryan (TV series) - Himself

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