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The Amazing Race 12
1st Leg: 3rd Place
2nd Leg: 6th Place
3rd Leg: 2nd Place
4th Leg: 7th Place
5th Leg: 1st Place
6th Leg: 4th Place
7th Leg: 4th Place
8th Leg: 1st Place
9th Leg: 4th Place/Non-elimination leg
10th Leg: 2nd Place
Final Leg: WINNERS

TK Erwin and Rachel Rosales appear together as one of the contestant pairs in the 12th season of the Emmy Award-winning CBS competitive reality television series The Amazing Race. They are a couple who have been dating for nearly one year, and both of them hail from Huntington Beach, CA. Rachel is 23 years old and works as a store owner as well as a florist, while TK is 22 years old and earns a living as a substitute teacher. Their mothers were friends who knew each other as they grew up in Huntington Beach, though Rachel and TK initially did not spend very much time together themselves.

They have been described as a fun-loving duo that is constantly enjoying a laugh, and are willing to put their relationship to the test in the Race. Rachel runs her own high-style flower shop, and says that she’s both ambitious and smart. She also claims that the main difference between her and her partner is the kinds of lives they’ve been through. During his college days at UC Santa Barbara, TK was an athlete and a captain of his alma mater’s swim team, while Rachel began working right after she graduated and started her own business.

They ultimately have won the AMAZING RACE 12 title and the one million dollar prize over Ronald and Christina .

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