Date Of Birth

January 26, 1969


Born on January 26, 1969 in Seattle, Washington, Patrick Michael "Mike" O'Hearn A.K.A. Titan, weighs 251 pounds and stands 6'3" tall. He began bodybuilding at the age of seven and is currently married to Midajah of World Championship Wrestling. An ultimate warrior of nearly godlike strength and skill, he is able to physically dominate his opponents with his impressive physique. He is also a quick thinker who easily makes his way through mind games, as he attempts to mentally defeat his opponents before the battle even begins. A determined warrior, he will do anything to emerge victorious in any battle. Titan has appeared as Kane in the film Barbarian, Bullrock in the film The Keeper of Time and Clark Kent/Superman stunt double in World's Finest.

Titan is one of 12 contenders in the battle of the muscled men and women on American Gladiators, hosted by wrestling icon Hulk Hogan and boxing diva, Laila Ali .

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

Place of Birth

Seattle, WA

Birth Name

Patrick Michael O'Hearn



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