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Tiffany is a registered nurse from Chicago, Illinois. She caught her ex-husband cheating on her with her best friend and went on to break the girl's nose. She has the unique talent of being able to bounce her breasts.

Tiffany would have been one of the first group of women to be eliminated from Rock of Love , had she not pounded on the door and asked Big John to let her stay. Big John did, and she proceeded to spend her first night at the house drinking heavily and clashing with the other women. Come the second elimination round, however, Bret decided to keep Tiffany in the competition, despite having expressed some annoyance with her earlier in the evening. He said that he wanted to give Tiffany another chance because there may just be something underneath her inebriated behavior.

On the second episode of Rock of Love, the girls were told that their first challenge would be a phone sex competition. Tiffany decided to drown her anxiety with alcohol, and again gets intoxicated. When the challenge ended, it was announced that Tiffany, along with Faith and Tamara , performed the worst. Come elimination time, Bret finally decided to send Tiffany home. She only reappeared during the reunion episode.

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Tiffany Carmona

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