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Tierra is a leasing consultant from Denver, Colorado. She's made her television debut on The Bachelor season 17 as one of the contestants competing for Sean Lowe. In the third week of the competition, she tumbled down the stairs of the Bachelor mansion but would not seek medical help, leading some of the contestants to think that it was all part of her plan to get Sean's attention. The following week, she had a huge meltdown and even threatened to leave the competition because the other girls were being mean to her which appeared to be yet another ploy. Sean tried to comfort her by giving her a rose, leaving the other girls very upset.

In the Montana episode, she unexpectedly showed up during Sean's group date because she was worried about her upcoming two-on-one date with Jackie and Sean. During the dreaded date, she revealed that she was in a five-year relationship with an addict who then passed away. According to Tierra, this is why she has a strong personality. Sean gave the rose to Tierra and sent Jackie home.

Tierra got involved in more drama in week five of the competition. Robyn and Lesley confronted Tierra about her negative personality and it led to a heated argument, which Sean witnessed. This caused Sean to question whether he would actually find a wife among these girls.

In the Canada group date, Tierra took a dip in the icy water of Lake Louise, causing her to to suffer from hypothermia. She finally got her one-on-one date with Sean in St. Croix, where Sean confronted her about the rumors he's been hearing about her from the other girls. Later, Tierra confronted AshLee for ratting her out to Sean which led to the biggest meltdown in Bachelor history. After contemplating, Sean apologized to Tierra, told her he's crazy about her and sent her home. Tierra, on the other hand, took her elimination quite well until she got in the van where she blamed the other girls for what happened.



Fun Facts

Tierra has a dog, a Yorkie, which was featured on the premiere of The Bachelor season 17.

She has a tattoo of an open heart on her finger.

For the first time on The Bachelor Tierra was handed a rose upon first meeting Sean. She did not have to wait for the rose ceremony.

The Dying Rose: Tierra's Journey to 'The Bachelor' Heartbreak




2013 The Bachelor, Season 17

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