The Big Show



The Big Show was born as Paul Randall Wight, Jr. on February 8, 1972 in Aiken, South Carolina. He wrestles in the Smackdown brand of the World Wrestling Entertainment, but is also known as The Giant, during his stint in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The Big Show is a s five-time World Champion, as well as the only man in the history of wrestling to win the WWE, WCW, and ECW Championships.

Wight was discovered in 1994 by Jim Strauser, who viewed him as a potential NFL prospect. However, Wight was more inclined to professional wrestling than to football. He later trained under Larry Sharpe for seven months, before signing up with WCW. He debuted there in 1995, introducing himself as The Giant and claiming to be the son of Andre the Giant. He later joined the Dungeon of Doom, immediately beginning a heated feud with Hulk Hogan. Wight was also recognized for his abilities to perform a moonsault, as well as being the first to deliver a painful chokeslam.

As The Giant, he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Hogan and once again against Ric Flair. After a series of feuds, he allowed his contract to retire on February 8, 1999. The next day, he signed a ten-year deal with the World Wrestling Federation and debuted as a heel. He was a member of Vince McMahon’s stable, The Corporation, and later served as McMahon’s bodyguard.

For several weeks, Wight was known as Paul “The Great” Wight. This was subsequently changed to “Big Show” Paul Wight, and later dropped his real name entirely. He was known for working with The Undertaker, both of them winning the WWF Tag Team Championship twice. In the latter part of 2000, Big Show was removed from WWF television and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling to improve his health. He returned the next year on Royal Rumble, but was eliminated by The Rock. The Big Show had another hiatus from WWE, which lasted for 14 months. At that time, he pursued a professional boxing career that didn’t take off. For his return in 2008, he was assigned to work on the SmackDown brand, but he has also appeared on RAW.

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