Taylor Bogart


Date Of Birth

April 20,1988


Taylor became known for being one of the members of the cast in the MTV reality television series Life of Ryan. She is a native of sunny San Clemente, California and a highly athletic teenager who enjoys various sports, such as snowboarding, surfing, and kicking a soccer ball around. She also became a member of the high school soccer team. When she’s not catching waves at the beach or hanging out with her friends, she can be found spending quality time together with her close-knit family, from whom she draws support. She’s also in a serious relationship with her high school boyfriend Casey, the best friend of Ryan.

While she recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Casey, she’s determined to show that she’s not just a girly girl. She believes that one of her finest characteristics is her ability to keep up with the boys, especially in sports. She has been called the bedrock in her group of friends, and she often listens to Ryan and offers him advice on girls and dating. She’s the best friend that all the guys know they can count on for a patient ear, as well as still being highly attractive and fun to spend time with.

(Photo courtesy of Ewan Burns for MTV)

Birth Name

Taylor Lee Bogart




2007-2008: Life of Ryan (TV series) - Herself



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