Tarek Saab


Date Of Birth

September 24, 1978


Tarek Saab became known for his position as a Hi-Tech Manager from New Bedford, Massachusetts. He earned a scholarship to an elite boarding school in Massachusetts and later received a degree in liberal arts from St. Anselm College and an electrical engineering degree from Catholic University of America. He is a member of MENSA and plays rugby for the Dallas Harlequins of the U.S. In addition, he has published many technical journals and magazines all over the world.

Moreover, he joined the reality show The Apprentice. He was assigned to Gold Rush and the later, got fired in week 10 because he was getting difficult to work with. In 2008, he gained attention for the publication of his book, a memoir titled "Gut Check: Confronting Love, Work, and Manhood". He has since then traveled all over the country to promote it.

Place of Birth

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Birth Name

Tarek Saab



Fun Facts

- He married Kathryn Simpson on May 27, 2006.



2006: The Apprentice (TV series) - Himself


5' 11" (1.80 m)


"People misunderstand the word 'humility.' Humility doesn't require a person to downplay achievements, as though there was something virtuous in misrepresenting the truth. Humility doesn't tolerate lying - it demands honesty. In the honest assessment of how I've become successful, pride doesn't want me to know that I've rarely achieved anything entirely on my own."

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