Tara Harper



Known as a Dallas girl through and through, Tara Harper is more than her blonde hair and impressive figure. She’s also the Executive Vice President of Sales for her family's manufacturing company, SPI, Inc. Despite her amazing business sense, she prefers to spend her time with her charity Paws in the City, which benefits animals in the town. She’s also a little wild when it comes to relationships, having called off four engagements in the past. Her standards are high and her list of dating rules is long. However, she’s feeling the pressure of starting a family and is forced to reconsider her decisions when she starts to see one of her friends differently.

Tara Harper stars on Bravo’s series Most Eligible Dallas. The show revolves around a group of friends looking for romance in the lone star state. Their lives have crossed with one another’s as they search for true love or one-night stands. Drama comes at every turn, as these socialites discover truths about themselves and those around them.

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