Tanya McQueen


Date Of Birth

February 18, 1972


Tanya McQueen acquired her interest for design and construction by closely working with architects. Through a hands-on approach, Tanya learned a lot about dealing with contractors and even developed her flare for decorating. After learning much about the biz, she established her own business called Tattered Hydrangea. With the help of her designer friend, she was able to obtain existing properties that others consider worthless and transformed them into trendy yet tasteful spots. She has the ability to turn something plain into something beautiful and yet still allow financial compromise. But more often than not, she enjoys working on extreme renovations which entail lavish expenses.

Tanya Mc Queen can be seen on the TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. She considers it to be a huge break to be able to do what she really loves and at the same time, create wonderful homes for remarkable families.

Place of Birth

Columbus, Texas

Birth Name

Tanya McQueen




2005-2008: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (TV series)
2005: Property Ladder (TV series documentary)

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