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Tammy Knickerbocker’s Biography:

Tammy Knickerbocker is a divorced mother of two (and one more from a previous relationship) who, together with her ex-husband, lost all of the money they made from their business. She was forced to give up her huge house and has since then settled for a rent-controlled home still within the community. Tammy and her two daughters, Megan and Lindsey, are busy trying to move on from their misfortune, with Tammy continuing her work as a loan officer. Her life and the lives of other women like Tammy are the subject of BravoTV’s reality series The Real Housewives of Orange County .

The second season of the show has the Knickerbocker family embodying a totally new image along with their more modest lifestyle. Tammy’s older daughter Megan has lived with her boyfriend outside of the community and sees herself as the “OC rebel.” She does, however, sometimes revert back to her old thinking, especially when is reminded of her past activities with money. Tammy’s other daughter, Lindsey is busy adjusting to a life without money and her prized horses.

Following her husband Lou’s passing, Tammy has regrouped her family, bringing her two daughters back into her home, to help them cope with their father’s death.  As such, Megan, has moved back in and is presently enrolled in nursing school.  She and younger sister, Lindsey, are now busy helping their mom with her upstart, new venture, Veriya marketing.  Aside from being its spokes model, Lindsey is also an endorser for an energy drink firm and a clothing company, while attending school part of the time.  Tammy’s son and Megan and Lindsey’s half-brother, Ryley, is now in kindergarten.

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