Tammy and Victor



The Amazing Race 14
1st Leg: 2nd Place
2nd Leg: 1st Place
3rd Leg: 8th Place
4th Leg: 3rd Place
5th Leg: 2nd Place
6th Leg: 1st Place
7th Leg: 1st Place
8th Leg: 3rd Place
9th Leg: 2nd Place
10th Leg: Currently in 3rd Place as race continues
11th Leg: 1st Place (Use the U-Turn on Kisha & Jen)
Final Leg: WINNERS

Siblings Tammy and Victor are one of eleven teams racing around the world in the 14th season of The Amazing Race.

The two are undeniably a force to be reckoned with: the Harvard Law graduates are extremely competitive and determined. 26-year-old Tammy Jih currently works as a litigator, and prides in her ability to keep a cool head under pressure (and with little sleep). Her older brother, 35-year-old Victor, is a partner at his law firm, and is confident that his decision-making skills can help them win the race.

Each is out to prove something to each other. Tammy wants her control freak brother to know that she is no longer a baby, and can do things that everyone can do. Victor wants his sister to stop being immature and selfish, and that he knows best in every situation. Nevertheless, they believe that their smarts and their experience in a cut-throat environment would prove crucial in their victory on the race—and they’re very confident that they can do just that.

They ultimately have won the AMAZING RACE 14 title and the one million dollar prize over Cara and Jaime.


The Amazing Race, Season 14, WINNERS


"She's a Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She'll Be OK!" – Victor
"Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???" – Victor
"Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death" – Victor in Mandarin Chinese
"No More Mr. Nice Guy" – Victor

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