Suzie Ketcham



Never one to back down in a fight, Suzie Ketcham used to be the girlfriend of NBA player Michael Olowokandi. The couple met at Pepperdine University and has since formed a family. Together for ten years, they had two kids before they split. This party animal has traveled all around the world, from New Jersey to Hong Kong. She is a social butterfly who will protect her friends no matter what. She’s also there to support her children, in addition to a number of charities. This aspiring real estate agent isn’t all play though. She continues to pursue her dreams, having moved to Miami and starting a new life without her ex.

Suzie Ketcham is one of the cast members of the reality series Basketball Wives, which follows a group of women who have been linked to professional basketball players. Through it all, they deal with the spotlight and their families, in addition to keeping their personal lives in check. These extraordinary ladies have gone through a lot together and they’ll have to cope with a lot more issues and emotional moments that are bound to come their way.

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