Steven Tyler


Date Of Birth

March 26, 1948


Steven Tyler had been exposed to music from a young age, claiming to have been raised "under my father's piano". During his high school years he formed his first band, the Strangeurs, and also had his first struggles with drug use.

Tyler met his future Aerosmith bandmates Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton in 1969. The group soared to popularity in the 1970s, especially upon the release of their 1975 album Toys in the Attic and the following year's Rocks. Songs such as "Sweet Emotion", "Dream On" and "Draw the Line" proved to be hits around the world. The band's popularity waned in the late 1970s, worsened by Tyler and Perry's drug use and feuding. Aerosmith went on, but the 1980s saw Tyler's drug problems worsen.

Tyler successfully entered rehab in 1986, and was followed by his bandmates, including a returning Perry and Brad Whitford. Aerosmith rose back to prominence when Tyler and Perry helped out in Run-DMC's cover of "Walk This Way". The band -- and Tyler -- later became a household name in the 1990s, thanks in part to MTV and the success of their new albums. The band has since continued touring, albeit peppered with breaks, notably Tyler's return to rehab in 2008 to recover from leg surgeries, and a 2006 operation on his throat.

Apart from his concerts, Tyler returned to public view in 2011, when he joined the judging panel of the Fox reality series American Idol. He was brought in as part of a wider overhaul on the show, including new judges and a revised format.

Tyler has four children, including actress Liv Tyler and model Mia Tyler. He has been married thrice: he is currently in a relationship with Erin Brady.

Place of Birth

Yonkers, NY

Birth Name

Stephen Victor Tallarico



Fun Facts



(As part of Aerosmith)

American Music Awards
1991 -Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo, or Group
1991 -Favorite Heavy Metal Artist
1994 -Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group
1994 -Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Artist
1998 -Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo, or Group
1999 -Favorite Pop/Rock Band
2000 -International Artist Award

Billboard Music Awards
1990 -Rock Album Artist
1994 -#1 Rock Artist
1999 -Artist Achievement Award
2001 -Best Hard Rock Clip of the Year


- Clubland (1999)
- Goodnight, Joseph Parker (2004)
- The Polar Express (2004)

- American Idol (judge, 2011-present)


Demon Of Screamin


5' 9 1/2"


"The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those that got there first."

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