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Hailing from Chicago, Illinois where he was educated at Columbia College, 30-year-old Steven Rosengard works in the Exhibits and Collections Department at the world-famous Museum of Science and Industry. His works as a textile preparatory have been featured in exhibits such as the U-505 Submarine and Transportation Gallery. Developing his artistic talents and enjoyment in design during his grade school years, Rosengard spent his free time drawing figures, creating designs and exploring fabric. A year prior to graduating college, he headed to Europe to further immerse himself in fashion. Inspired by Yves St. Laurent, he worked on natural fabrics with simple yet elegant themes for everyday wear.

Steven Rosengard became known as one of 15 contestants on the fourth season of Bravo’s Project Runway. He was eliminated on episode 5, but has since made his mark on the industry by designing The Perfect Rose Dress for the Chicago-based boutique called Gaga’s.

(Photo courtesy of Bravo)

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