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Stacy Ann Fequiere, a student from Miami, Florida, was a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10.

She had average performances during the first couple episodes, but picked up in episode 5, "Top Model Takes it to the Streets," where her team won the reward challenge, and she was called out first for her paint beauty shot. In episode 7, during their group go-sees challenge, Stacy Ann's group won the challenge, with Stacy Ann receiving the most bookings on her team. Their prize was a photo shoot for Seventeen magazine's June issue. On episode 9, Stacy Ann found herself in the bottom two for the first time, and was eliminated despite the fact that Fatima had not participated in the photo shoot.

After her elimination, Stacy Ann admitted in an interview with BuddyTV that Dominique annoyed her, “She was the one person in the house that I didn't really like.  Everybody else in the house I got along with.”  Working under pressure, she tried to remain neutral between all the drama and all the fights.

Stacy Ann also believed Fatima should have gone home instead of her.  She thought girls should be eliminated immediately once they miss a photo shoot.  So when she was standing next to Fatima, she was convinced and confident that she’ll be staying on the show.  However, the judges chose to retain Fatima.  “I can't believe they're going to send me home even though she missed the photo shoot and she didn't have her papers, which was totally unfair,” she explained.

Despite losing her chances of being the next top model, Stacy Ann still plans to pursue her dreams.  She’s bent on finishing her bachelor’s degree in education and then she plans to model overseas.  “I know that I didn't win this competition, but I know that I'm a winner, and I'm going to keep pushing,” she said. She continued her modeling career, appearing in Miami Funkshion fashion week and Toronto Fashion Week. She also made it to the semi-finals of the Victoria’s Secret model search and signed to Ford Models in Miami.

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