Southern Movement



Southern Movement is one of nine crews that are part of the fourth season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. Based in Nashville, TN, they fuse hip-hop moves and country line dancing—what they call “hick-hop”—in an attempt to change the way Americans see those from the South. From different parts of Tennessee, they met and formed while working for the Grand Ole Opry.

24-year-old Carone “Hollywood” Tharpe is a country singer, and has a son he named Malachi.

27-year-old Darren “D.Doug” Douglas did mimes and interpretative dancing at church, and can play the piano by ear.

25-year-old Jay “Jay Beezy” Battle is a graudate of Alabama A&M University, and has worked with Wade Robson.

24-year-old Justin “Jenk” Jenkins trained in ballet and salsa, and would like to become a basketball coach.

26-year-old Kemmian “KB” Beard aspires to study law, and raises a two-year-old daughter.

19-year-old Sherita Bratcher was part of the All Star Dance Team at age 10, and is also a top performer in her class.

28-year-old Todd “Todd 1ne” Johnson is known as the veteran of the crew, and tours with a band called Speakeasy across the region.

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