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Sisely Treasure is a singer and dancer from Los Angeles, California, who, together with fellow artist Kaz Gamble, formed the music group, Cooler Kids. As part of the said band, Treasure had the opportunity to work with several record labels, namely DreamWorks Recordings, Audacious Records and Teenacide Records, and released a debut album, entitled Punk Debutante, from which the chart-entering single “All Around the World,” came. In 2007, she became a finalist on the television reality series, Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll.

As one of the finalists of the show, Sisely was often praised by Robin Antin for her uniqueness and individuality. She was also the oldest among the girls and at times felt like an outsider. Sisely was the third dancer eliminated after her group seemed unprepared on the dance floor.

After the show, Sisely became a member of the Paradiso Girls. Later, she worked with Sisely and the Safety Pin-ups and released a cover of “Do the Robot”. She even danced with Gunn Metal Grey, before she became the lead female vocalist of the band Shiny Toy Guns. In 2011, however, she embarked on a solo career and launched her first single called “That You Like.”

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