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Simone LeBlanc is originally from Northern California but later moved to San Francisco. She has since lived in Los Angeles, where she designs custom pieces and pieces for TS Bloom, her collection of women’s wear using organic and surplus fabrics. Simone grew up in a creative environment which inspired her to pursue an artistic life. At a young age, she was encouraged to experiment with different materials, and eventually developed a passion for fabric. While she studied at CCA in San Francisco, she began to involve herself with sculptural and artisanal techniques, which inspired her with ideas from historical and handcrafted traditions of the past eras. She later flew to Paris to further immerse herself in fashion education, and upon returning to the United States, began a career of freelance design, personal styling and custom design. In 2006, LeBlanc headed to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she was commissioned to create a custom collection and explore traditional craft and production techniques.

Inspired by Dries Van Noten and a fan of organic wool and cashmere, Simone LeBlanc became known as one of 15 hopefuls of the fourth season of Bravo’s Project Runway. Despite her talent, she was the first to be eliminated that season. Since her departure from the show, she continued to showcase her vision through her own company called SL Inc.

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