Bad boy David may look wild with his variety of tattoos, but he’s willing to show his inner sensitive side for love. He’s had his share of crazy experiences, and he might be riot to listen to. However, he’s hoping to control his extreme ways to settle down with the girl of his dreams. A tattoo artist based in Los Angeles, David is set to reveal who he truly is behind the art on his skin. He’s ready to prove to the ladies that he isn’t just wearing a suit of tattooed metal, but that he’ll do what it takes be their knight in shining armor.

As he hopes to prove to others that beauty isn’t just skin deep, David joined MTV’s A Double Shot at Love. The show featured the bisexual twins Vikki and Rikki, who pushed the 12 bachelors and 12 lesbians to the limit to gain their affections. Even though he tried to impress the girls with his tattoos, they weren’t that interested and he was eliminated on the first episode of the show.

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