Tough as nails, Claudia hails from the Bronx and she’s not one to pass up trouble. Earning a living as a dominatrix is surely hard work, but this girl is up for almost anything. She’s no typical girl next door, and she knows that she has the ability to show men who’s boss. Even so, it might just take a woman to melt Claudia’s brave exterior. She’s got the gall to tell off anyone she thinks isn’t worthy of her time, and she also has enough courage to face her own chance for romance.

Ready to make the competition beg on their knees and cry, Claudia planned on giving others a run for their money when she became one of the 24 contestants on MTV’s A Double Shot at Love. The show featured the bisexual twins Vikki and Rikki, who pushed the 12 bachelors and 12 lesbians to the limit to gain their affections. Claudia’s aggressive personality wasn’t what the twins were looking for though, so she was eliminated on the first episode.

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Bronx County, New York

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Claudia Joseph



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