Angela is one girl who won’t back down at parties. This Detroit native stays up until the sun appears, and will not stop her wild antics even as night falls. Priding herself on being spontaneous, there’s always fun to be had when she’s around. Even though Angela has developed a long and arduous history with cheating men, she’s decided to try out something different this time. Being a chiropractic assistant, she’s got enough spine to stand up on her own.

Ready to try out the other side of romance, Angela became known as one of the 24 contestants on MTV’s A Double Shot at Love. The show featured the bisexual twins Vikki and Rikki, who pushed the 12 bachelors and 12 lesbians to the limit to gain their affections. Unfortunately for Angela, she was eliminated on the first episode of the series because the twins didn’t connect well with her.

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