Shana and Jennifer


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The Amazing Race 12
1st Leg: 6th Place
2nd Leg: 3rd Place
3rd Leg: 7th Place
4th Leg: 6th Place (Use the U-Turn on Lorena & Jason)
5th Leg: 7th Place/Eliminated

5th Team Eliminated - 12/2/2007

Exclusive Interview: Shana and Jennifer

Shana Wall and Jennifer McCall appear together as one of the contestant pairs in the 12th season of the Emmy Award-winning CBS competitive reality television series The Amazing Race. The two of them both hail from Los Angeles, California, and are both 32 years old. Shana works as an actress, while Jennifer’s job is as a legal assistant. They met each other more than half a decade ago, and have been good friends ever since then. Aside from her acting career, Shana is also a host on television, and has completed her training at a chef school in Los Angeles. She also considers herself to be passionate, competitive, and loyal.

Among Shana’s achievements are having toured together with Luis Miguel, where she performed as a back-up dancer and singer. She has also gone abroad to Italy for further studies. Her passions in life are travel and food, and she feels very comfortable about being on the road. On the other hand, Jennifer occupies herself with both her legal career as well as researching the stock market. She is the more cautious and tidy of the two, while Shana’s demeanor is more carefree and blithe. The common thread between them is that they pride themselves on their good grooming and appearance, in addition to their intellectual interests and their shared ambition of being winners.

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Shana and Jennifer



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The Amazing Race, Season 12, 7th Place




"Let's Name Our Chicken Phil" – Shana
"We Really Burned Bridges, For Sure" – Jennifer (Shana & Jennifer)

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