Seth Aaron Henderson



The 38-year-old Seth Aaron Henderson hails from San Diego, CA and works as a freelance stylist and fashion designer. He knew he was going to pursue a career in the industry at eight years old, pushing him into accomplishing his dream in later years. Self-taught and motivated, he used to have a job as a photo assistant and producer assistant before focusing on design.

A fan of Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior, stylishly strange Seth Aaron Henderson admits that he’d like to get the chance to dress up Marilyn Manson. The designer has been greatly influenced by music, particularly New Wave, punk, '80s Goth, Brit rock.

Having loved the previous seasons of Project Runway, Seth Aaron thought he would take a chance and audition. Soon, he found himself as as a contestant in the hit reality TV competition’s seventh season, which he ended up winning. In 2013, he became of the contestants of Project Runway All Stars season 3. He ended up winning the competition, making him the first double winner of Project Runway.


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