Sebastian Spence



Born on December 9, 1969 in St. John’s, Newfoundland in Canada, Sebastian Spence is the son of playwrights Janis Spence, also an actress, and Michael Cook. Though he is best known for his work as the lead role in the TV series First Wave, he has worked on other notable series as well. He began his career with a role in 1993’s The Boys of St. Vincent, before he was cast on four episodes of Madison. He was also seen on The Outer Limits, The X Files, and played Stevie Servine on Fast Track.

In 1998, Sebastian Spence rose to fame portraying Cade Foster in First Wave. The series also featured his brother, Fergus, who wrote for the show. Spence was seen frequently on television, getting roles in Dark Angel, Special Unit 2, Glory Days, and Strange Frequency. He garnered more popularity when he appeared on five episodes of Dawson’s Creek, playing the character Professor Matt Freeman. He then got guest roles in Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, and later portrayed Paul on nine episodes of G-Spot. During that time, he landed parts on films like Paper Moon Affair, Crossing, and Third Man Out. In 2006, Spence was cast in the role of Tom for two episodes of the renowned CW series Supernatural, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Also that year, the actor landed several projects, which included Shock to the System, The Obsession, and A Bug and a Bag of Weed. He was also known for his recurring role as Lt. Noel 'Narcho' Allison on Battlestar Galactica, in addition to movie appearances on Ice Blues and On the Other Hand, Death. In 2007, he took on the role of Rick Ryder for the ABC Family series Sophie. In that Canadian television series, he plays the lead character’s ex-boyfriend and former business partner.

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