Scott Savol


Date Of Birth

April 30th


Scott Savol Biography:

Scott Thomas Savol was born on April 30, 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio. He pursued his education in Shaker Heights, Ohio and has been singing since he was 5 years old. Before joining season 3 of American Idol, he never had any formal training in singing, but had been active in his high school choir. Aside from singing, Scott is also a talented trumpet player. He considers the birth of his son as his proudest moment and likes to take the time to pray before every performance to relax his nerves. Although his real passion is for singing, Scott wouldn't mind becoming a comedian as well. His mother is his American Idol. He enjoys listening to Gospel, Pop, R&B and Soft Rock Music.

Scott Savol auditioned for season 3 of American Idol in Cleveland, Ohio. Although getting the golden ticket was not such a difficult task for Scott, the criticisms about the validity of his involvement with the show began pouring in when it was revealed that not only was Scott not from Shaker Heights, he was also previously charged with disorderly conduct (after apparently hitting his girlfriend with a phone). The producers of the show tried to clear the air by saying that Scott was honest about his past, and that the reason why Scott claimed to be from Shaker Heights is because he spent a lot of time there when he was still studying. Surprisingly enough, Scott was able to stay in the Finals for a whopping eight weeks, even earning a spot on the Top 5. Songs that he performed include "Against All Odds," "The Impossible Dream," "She's Gone," "Everlasting Love," and "Dance With My Father." He was finally eliminated after his performances of "On Broadway" and "Everytime You Go Away."

Scott is currently being represented by Verge Management and has plans of moving to Nashville, Tennessee. In 2006, Scott was able to shed off 20 pounds, but he is not stopping there. He is engaged and hopes to be married in the summertime. He is also working on his first R&B album.

Place of Birth

Cleveland, Ohio

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Scott Savol



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