Scott Patterson


Date Of Birth

September 11, 1958


American actor Scott Patterson is best known for his roles as Agent Strahm in the Saw film franchise and as Luke Danes in Gilmore Girls. Before entering show business, however, he was first known as a professional pitcher in minor league baseball.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Patterson made his acting debut in the 1992 video Intent to Kill. After a string of TV appearances, he was cast as Mickey, a recurring character on the series Fired Up. In 2000, he landed his breakthrough role as Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls, a role he played until the series concluded in 2007. Following his stint on Gilmore Girls, he lingered on the TV spotlight as Gary Tolchuck on Aliens in America. At present, he stars as Michael Buchanan on the NBC series The Event.

On the big screen, Patterson has appeared in numerous movies aside from the Saw film franchise. He is also credited for Highway 395, Three Wishes, Her Best Move, The Frankenstein Brothers and Liberty just to name a few.

Place of Birth

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Scott Gordon Patterson



Fun Facts

-He has a prehistoric petrified baby frog collection that can be seen at the Louvre in Paris.




1992 Intent to Kill
1994 Little Big League
1995 A Boy Called Hate
1995 Three Wishes
2000 Highway 395
2007 Her Best Move
2007 Saw IV
2008 Saw V
2009 Saw VI
2010 The Frankenstein Brothers
2010 Liberty
2010 The Rogue




6' (1.83 m)


"Passion is the thing that sustains you in acting. If you're doing it for fame and money, don't even bother because it will never happen. The last thing I ever expected was to be paid for this."

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