Schatar White


Date Of Birth

August 2, 1971


Schatar or Hottie, as she was called by Flavor Flav on season one of Flavor of Love, is the eccentric and delusional self-proclaimed descendant of Madagascar royalty. Clinging to her grandiose fantasy, she constantly rambles on about glamorous, celebrity-filled evenings. Schatar firmly believed she is the obvious and rightful winner of Charm School’s grand prize of $50,000. However, she was eliminated on episode 6.

Hottie then became one of thirteen contestants on the reality etiquette show, Charm School, before she got eliminated in the sixth episode. She has since embarked on an acting career, appearing on the TV movie Glass Heels, and on series like CSI, Take the Cake and Boston Legal.

(Photo courtesy of VH1)

Place of Birth

Washington, District of Columbia

Birth Name

Schatar Sapphira White



Fun Facts

- She was born in Jamaica and is 45% Jamaican.

- She was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.

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