Sam Witwer


Date Of Birth

October 20, 1977


Sam Witwer first got involved in performing while he was in high school, participating in school plays and being the front man of the band Love Plumber. Upon graduation he attended Juilliard School, but later decided to move to Los Angeles.

After playing minor roles on television, Witwer landed his first major role, appearing as Lt. Crashdown on the 2004 reimagining of Battlestar Galactica. A bigger break came in 2006, when he appeared on the first season of Dexter as disturbed analyst Neil Perry.

In 2008, Witwer joined the cast of Smallville, appearing as paramedic David Bloome (later the villainous Doomsday). While his character was killed off later in the eighth season, he returned to play General Zod before the role was taken over by Callum Blue. More recently, Witwer joined the cast of the American remake of the BBC series Being Human, appearing as vampire Aidan Turner.

Witwer is still active in music, as he is currently the lead singer of the band The Crashtones. The band released its debut album in 2006.

Place of Birth

Glenview, IL

Birth Name

Samuel Stewart Witwer



Fun Facts

- He attended the Juilliard School of Drama and received his training there.

- In high school, he was the lead singer of a band as well as being involved in theatre.





- Crank (2006)
- Girl Camp (2007)
- The Mist (2007)
- Pathology (2008)
- Gamer (2009)

- Battlestar Galactica (recurring, 2004-2005)
- Dexter (recurring, 2006)
- CSI (recurring, 2007-2008)
- Smallville (regular, 2008-2009)
- Being Human (regular, 2011)


Stew, Stewart




"Shakespeare is awesome. Art is awesome. ...but what I really got into the business for was to have an action figure with a friggin lightsaber!"

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