Sam Trammell


Date Of Birth

May 15, 1971


Sam Trammell attended Brown University and the University of Paris before pursuing a career in acting. As an accomplished New York stage actor, he is credited for his work in Ah, Wilderness!, "Dealer's Choice," "My Night With Reg", and "If Memory Serves." On TV, he first appeared on Harvest of Fire, which was followed by several guest appearances on Bones, House, Judging Amy, Numb3rs, Dexter and Cold Case. His most notable role, however, is that of Sam Merlotte in the HBO vampire series, True Blood.

On the big screen, Trammell was cast in The Hotel Manor Inn, Autumn in New York, Fear of Fiction, and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, just to name a few.

Place of Birth

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

Birth Name

Sam Trammell



Fun Facts



2009: Special Achievement Award - Best Ensemble for True Blood


The Hotel Manor Inn (1997) .... Nolan
Childhood's End (1997) .... Greg Chute
Wrestling with Alligators (1998) .... Will
Beat (2000) .... Lee
Fear of Fiction (2000) .... Red/Tom Hopkins
Autumn in New York (2000) .... Simon
Followers (2000) .... John Dietrich
Undermind (2003) .... Derrick Hall/Zane Waye
The Last Full Measure (2004)
Anonymous Rex (2004) (TV) .... Vincent Rubio
AVPR: Aliens vs Predator - Requiem (2007) .... Tim O'Brien
Miracle of Phil (2008) .... Taylor
Unshakable (2008) .... Kane

Television Appearances
Harvest of Fire (1996) .... Simon Troyer
Maximum Bob (1998) .... Sonny Dupree
Trinity (1998) .... Liam McCallister
Going to California (2001-2002) .... Kevin 'Space' Lauglin
House (2004) ... Ethan Hartig
Strong Medicine (2005) .... Kiko Ellsworth
Judging Amy (2005) .... Marty Levine
Bones (2005) .... Ken Thompson
CSI: NY (2006) .... Charles Wright
Numb3rs (2006) ... Thomas Gill
Justice (2006) ... Kevin O'Neil
Dexter (2006) ... Matt Chambers
Cold Case (2007) ... Porter Rawley in 1981
What If God Were the Sun? (2007 TV Movie) .... Jeff
True Blood (2008) .... Sam Merlotte







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