Sam and Dan



The Amazing Race 15
1st Leg: 9th Place
2nd Leg: 2nd Place
3rd Leg: 5th Place
4th Leg: 1st Place
5th Leg: 5th Place
6th Leg: 3rd Place
7th Leg: 1st Place
8th Leg: 4th Place
9th Leg: 2nd Place
10th Leg: 2nd Place
11th Leg: 2nd Place
Final Leg: 2nd Place

Sam and Dan are one of the teams on the fifteenth season of The Amazing Race. They’re both gay, and will both point at the moment when they both came out to each other as a memorable moment. Since then, they have shared a stronger bond.

Samuel McMillen, 23, hails from Fort Worth, TX, and is currently a student.

Daniel McMillen, 21, hails from Liberty, MO, and is also currently a student.

They lost the AMAZING RACE 15 title and the one million dollar prize to Meghan and Cheyne.

Birth Name

Sam and Dan


The Amazing Race, Season 15, Runner-up


"Do It for the Hood! Do It for the Suburbs!" - Sam
"It Starts With an “F”, That’s All I’m Saying" – Dan

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