Ryan Sypek


Date Of Birth

6 August 1982


Ryan, a native of Boston, Massachusettes, was born on August 6, 1982. After graduating from Wayland High School, he attended Boston University, where he got a Fine Arts degree. He also spent a semester at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Before landing his role in the ABC family series, Wildfire, the 6'0" actor worked at the Beverly Hills Hotel as a valet.

Kenneth "Junior" Davis, a former night club owner, is the son of Ken Davis and Dani's older brother. In his efforts to become his own man, he tranformed from being a bad boy to a sensitive individual who dearly loves Kris. It is yet to be seen if their love has a future. Junior recently discovered a new hobby - bull riding.

Place of Birth

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Ryan Sypek



Fun Facts

He graduated from Wayland High School in 2000.

While attending Boston University, Ryan spent a semester in London at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Boston University.

He played Jack Hunter in "The Rose Tattoo" at the Huntington Theatre in Boston in 2002.

He started acting when he was in sixth grade.

He originally auditioned for the role of Matt Ritter on Wildfire, but was cast for Junior Davis.

Before getting his role on Wildfire, he worked for the famous Beverly Hills Hotel, parking cars.

When he was young, he loved playing baseball.

He likes to surf and go to the beach.

He likes swimming.

Ryan loves to play video games.

Ryan enjoys a good game of badmitton.

If not an actor, Ryan could join a circus... he can juggle, and he can walk on his hands!




Major Movie Star(2008) as Sgt. Mills Evans

"Wildfire" as Junior Davis (49 episodes, 2005-2008)




6 feet


Ryan: Going to college helped me, because I had four years in the conservatory program, which is close as you can get to a professional environment. It's like all day.

Ryan: When I was real young I wanted to play baseball. I really loved playing center field, but that was never anything I was really ever that good at. I played up until I was in ninth grade.

Ryan: (On the cast of Wildfire) We're really happy. It still kind of blows my mind that people watch the show!

Ryan: (On his Wildfire role) I love playing Junior; he's so fun... Under it all, he's a good guy, just a little bit spoiled.

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