Ryan Quicksall


Date Of Birth

September 16, 1980


Born on September 16, 1980 and hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Ryan Quicksall is a student at Ohio State University, majoring in economics and business.  He is often the center of attention and is used to being the popular one in his group.  He has a tendency to be loud, stubborn and opinionated and can be a troublemaker at times.  He admits that his behavior has gotten him into trouble, as he was suspended from a class in high school.  He has never voted in his life, but intends to do so this coming elections.

As for relationships, Ryan thinks that his ideal romantic partner should be pretty, intelligent, motivated and aware of what she's doing in life.  He believes that he is intelligent, easy-going and armed with a good sense of humor.

Ryan has a pet American Pit Bull terrier named Jada.  A competitive young man, Ryan played basketball in high school and continues to follow the sport.

Ryan is one of 16 housemates on CBS' Big Brother 9.  He was paired with Allison , but he had been dating Jen on and off for quite some time before they entered the house.

On the seventh individual Head of Household competition entitled “Fact or Fiction”, Ryan won after answering fact to Julie's statement that there is a third pre-existing relationship in the house aside from Jacob , Sharon , Ryan and Jen.  A message on the screen, which can only be read by the viewers, stated that the guinea pigs were the couple that had a pre-existing relationship.  Ryan's HoH win landed him a spot in the Final 3.

(Photo courtesy of CBS)

Birth Name

Ryan Quicksall




2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself

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