Straight from Calgary, the 31-year-old Ryan is an investment banker who takes his job a little too seriously. He’s even employed the same strategies to his love life, practically going after women nonstop. He admits that he’s left many amazing females in his life before, simply because he wanted more girls for himself. However, he swears that he’s only cheated on his ex one time. He had already wanted to break up with her anyway, so he went on and did it.

Ryan also claims that he can turn “player girls” into “princesses,” which is probably why he’s set himself on going after Megan Hauserman. The reality star didn’t exactly make it on Rock of Love: Charm School, but will she succumb to the rules of Ryan? We’ll get to see just how long it takes for this guy to get on Megan’s good side, as he’s one of the 17 contestants on Megan Wants a Millionaire. On the competition, he’ll be pitted against other money-making men dreaming of having the Ultimate Trophy Wife.

The 17 self-made competitors on Megan Wants a Millionaire will go head to head and bank account to bank account, in order to win over the affections of reality TV celebrity Megan Hauserman. As they prove to her how much they’re worth, they will face numerous hardships on the way. Each challenge they succeed in will get them a date with the self-proclaimed material girl, but it won’t be that simple. They have to overcome obstacles like coming up with business plans for Megan’s beloved dog Lily or emerging triumphant in a high roller Vegas tournament. They’re going to do whatever it takes to bring home their Trophy Wife, spending their own money for Megan. She won’t be the only person they have to charm though. Joining her are several of her close friends and even other personalities, all intent on helping Megan fulfill her quest in finding her very own millionaire.

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