Ryan Malgarini



Born on June 12, 1992 in Renton, Washingon, Ryan Malgarini is an American actor. He developed an interest in acting after watching his grandmother, Gloria Margarini, get involved in commercials. When he was five, he spotted her on a television ad for Senior Dimensions, a Nevada-based healthcare provider. After seeing his relative on the commercial, he exclaimed “I want to do that!” He soon appeared as an extra for many of his grandmother’s works, while he accepted roles for himself as well. Ryan was seen on commercials for McDonald’s and the savings and loan association, Washington Mutual. Ryan Malgarini decided to pursue his acting, so he took acting classes at the famed Young Actors Space in Los Angeles. He managed to get an agent and a manager there, and his career soon took off. In 2002, Malgarini made his film debut playing a 6-year old boy in The United States of Leland. It was released two years after, but the challenge of the role stayed with Malgarini. He was tasked to weep on screen during a scene for a funeral, making it his first time to do so. He managed to perform the task well and commented that he enjoyed the time he spent on the film with actor Kevin Spacey. In 2003, Malgarini was seen as Billy Laemke in the television movie The Big Wide World of Carl Laemke. The comedy starred Bob Bancroft, Stephen Dunham and Zac Efron, and was directed by Greg Mottola. That year, Malgarini also landed a role on the drama series Gilmore Girls, playing Fred Larson Jr. in the episode “A Tale of Poes and Fire.” He soon gained fame playing the Lindsay Lohan’s little brother in the Disney comedy Freaky Friday. It starred Jamie Lee Curtis, Mark Harmon, Harold Gould and Chad Michael Murray as well. Malgarini next made an appearance on the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, starring Frankie Muniz. He was also in Go Figure and the 2006 film How to Eat Fried Worms. He also worked with Tom Hanks for a test film to develop the technology in the 2004 movie The Polar Express. In 2008, he accepted a role in the comedy Gary Unmarried, playing Tom with Jay Mohr, Larry Miller and Jaime King.

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