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Overly heartbroken Ryan Creighton from Flemington, New Jersey never gave up on his search for the perfect woman for him. However, he always gets sidetracked at the thought of having threesomes. The New Jersey native is the eldest of three children, and has two sisters. He began studying at a Catholic School in kindergarten up until 5th grade when his family moved to Flemington. He enjoys sports such as football, baseball and basketball and maintaining his body fitness by weight lifting and working out five days a week. He also enjoys helping other people in maintaining their fitness, and is inspired to make a difference after seeing the changes in a person's body. Ryan does not judge a book by its cover, and likes people who have a positive outlook in life.

Ryan became known for being featured on MTV's hot bisexual reality dating game, A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila as one of 32 contestants who vied for the heart of the Internet vixen, Tila Tequila. He made it to the final four in the competition, but he had to leave Tila because he felt that his traditional lifestyle didn’t suit her.

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