Rutger Hauer


Date Of Birth

January 23, 1944


Rutger Hauer is a Dutch actor who has played various roles on both the big screen and small screen, from villains, romantic leads to action heroes. Prior to becoming an actor, he had a colorful childhood as he was considered a rebel who often broke the rules and escape school obligations. He landed his breakthrough role in 1969 as the titular character on Floris and subsequently became visible on the silver screen through roles in Hard to Remember, The Wilby Conspiracy, The Year of the Cancer, Keetje Tippel, Soldier of Orange and Woman Between Wolf and Dog just to name a few. Some of his most popular roles on television include King Vortigern on the mini-series Merlin, Huntsman on The 10th Kingdom, and John van der Velde on Duel in de diepte. In 2013, he joined the cast of True Blood as Macklyn Warlow.

Place of Birth

Breukelen, Utrecht, Netherlands

Birth Name

Rutger Oelsen Hauer



Fun Facts

-He gives master classes in moviemaking.
-He designs trucks.


1987: Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Series, Miniseries or Television Film - Escape from Sobibor
1988: Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actor - The Legend of the Holy Drinker


2013 True Blood (TV series)
2013 Flight of the Storks (TV mini-series)
2013 The Future
2012 Metal Hurlant Chronicles (TV series)
2012 Michelangelo - Il cuore e la pietra (TV movie)
2012 Agent Ranjid rettet die Welt
2012 Dracula
2011 The Heineken Kidnapping
2011 The Reverend
2011 Portable Life
2011 The Cardboard Village
2011 Alle for én
2011 Black Butterflies
2011 The Rite
2011 The Mill and the Cross
2011 Hobo with a Shotgun
2011 Requiem 2019 (short)
2011 The 5th Execution
2011/I Spoon
2010 Life's a Beach
2010 Happiness Runs
2009 Sword of War
2009 Dazzle
2008 The Rhapsody (short)
2008 Bride Flight
2008 Magic Flute Diaries
2008 The Prince of Motor City (TV movie)
2007 Starting Over (TV movie)
2007 Sweet Betty (short)
2007 Moving McAllister
2007 Dead Tone
2007 Goal II: Living the Dream
2006/I Mentor
2006 Minotaur
2006 The Hunt for Eagle One (video)
2005 The Poseidon Adventure (TV movie)
2005 Mirror Wars: Reflection One
2005 Dracula III: Legacy (video)
2005 Batman Begins
2005 Sin City
2004 Never Enough
2004 'Salem's Lot (TV movie)
2004 Tempesta
2004 In the Shadow of the Cobra
2003 Smallville (TV series)
2003 Alias (TV series)
2002 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
2002 Warrior Angels
2002/I Scorcher
2002 The Bankers of God: The Calvi Affair
2001 Flying Virus
2001 Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (video)
2001 Lying in Wait
2001 The Last Words of Dutch Schultz (short)
2001 The Room (short)
2000 Slow Burn
2000 The 10th Kingdom (TV mini-series)
2000 Partners in Crime
1999 New World Disorder
1999 Simon Magus
1998 Bone Daddy
1998 Merlin (TV mini-series)
1998 Tactical Assault (video)
1997 The Ruby Ring (TV movie)
1997 Lexx (TV series)
1997 Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (TV mini-series)
1997 Redline
1997 Bleeders
1997 Hostile Waters (TV movie)
1997 The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon (TV movie)
1997 Blast
1997 Knockin' on Heaven's Door
1996 Omega Doom
1996 Precious Find
1996 Mariette in Ecstasy
1996 Crossworlds (video)
1995 Mr. Stitch (TV movie)
1995 Blood of the Innocent
1994 Fatherland (TV movie)
1994 The Beans of Egypt, Maine
1994 Nostradamus
1994 Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight (TV movie)
1994 Surviving the Game
1993 Voyage (TV movie)
1993 Blind Side (TV movie)
1993 Arctic Blue
1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1992 Beyond Justice
1992 Split Second
1992 T.V. (TV movie)
1991 Past Midnight
1991 Wedlock
1991 Il principe del deserto (TV mini-series)
1989 The Blood of Heroes
1989 Up to Date
1989 The Edge (TV movie)
1989 Blind Fury
1989 Bloodhounds of Broadway
1988 The Legend of the Holy Drinker
1987 Escape from Sobibor (TV movie)
1986 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1986 The Hitcher
1985 Flesh+Blood
1985 Ladyhawke
1984 A Breed Apart
1983 The Osterman Weekend
1983 Eureka
1982 Blade Runner
1982 Inside the Third Reich (TV movie)
1981 Chanel Solitaire
1981 Nighthawks
1980 Spetters
1979 Duel in de diepte (TV series)
1979 Grijpstra & De Gier
1979 Woman Between Wolf and Dog
1979 Es begann bei Tiffany (TV movie)
1978 Mysteries
1978 Pastorale 1943
1978 Heilige Jeanne (TV movie)
1977 Soldier of Orange
1977 Soldaat van Oranje (TV mini-series)
1976 La donneuse
1976 Max Havelaari
1975 Cyrano de Bergerac (TV movie)
1975 The Year of the Cancer
1975 Floris von Rosemund (TV series)
1975 Das Amulett des Todes
1975 Keetje Tippel
1975 The Wilby Conspiracy
1974 Hard to Remember
1973 Turkish Delight
1973 Waaldrecht (TV series)
1973 Repelsteeltje
1972 The Pathfinders (TV series)
1969 Floris (TV series)


6' 1" (1.85 m)


"I don't know what the appeal is. I can see I've got blue eyes and I don't look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame but I can't understand the fuss."

"I have a lot of energy. I'm a lot stronger than most people."

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