Russell Kairouz


Date Of Birth

September 1, 1984


The loud and brash Russell is a commercial real-estate broker who has earned himself the name “Russell the Lovemuscle,” Born on September 1, 1984. he’s always ready for battle and will hold nothing back, especially since he has a background in wrestling. He’s also known to have previously lived in Southern California and even Lebanon. This mixed martial arts fighter isn’t scared of anything, even the troubles he may encounter on Big Brother.

While there is nothing he really fears, there’s one thing that really annoys him. Russell isn’t fond of people who don’t think before they act. He’s developed that peeve because he was like that in college. He got involved in a motorcycle accident in an attempt to impress a bunch of girls. It took six surgeries to get him back, and he was even paralyzed temporarily. Since then, he’s learned his lesson.

As a contestant on the 11th season of Big Brother, he competed against 11 other aspirants and a mystery houseguest. The show is hosted by Julie Chen, and is executive-produced by Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Scott Einziger.

He was quite a force that season, showing off his skills and confidence as a fighter. He lasted until the ninth week and while part of the jury, he voted for Natalie to win.

Place of Birth

St. Cloud, Minnesota,

Birth Name

Russell Kairouz




2009: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself - Contestant


Russell the Lovemuscle

The Shotgun

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