Roxann Dawson



Born on September 11, 1958, Roxann Dawson has developed her career as an actress, producer, and director. She was raised in Los Angeles, California, born with the name Roxann Caballero. In 1980, she graduated from the Universtiy of California, Berkeley with a achelor of Arts degree in Dramatic Art. She then pursued her aspirations, landing her first professional acting job in a Broadway production of A Chorus Line. In 1985, Roxann Dawson landed a part in the long-running series Another World. This was followed by a performance on the TV production Broken Angel, as well as a role on the miniseries The Fortunate Pilgrim. She then became known for playing Yolanda ‘Yolo’ Elena Puente on the TV series Nightingales, where she appeared for 13 episodes. Roxann Dawson began the year 1990 with a role on Baywatch, and next booked the role of Vicki Mariani on Matlock. The next year she was cast in the movie Guilty by Suspicion, and soon captured the attention of audiences on Midnight’s Child. She was also on episodes of Jake and the Fatman, as well as films like Dirty Work, Mortal Sins, and Bound by Honor. In 1994, she gained the most fame for playing the half-Human/half-Klingon engineer B’Elanna Torres on the hit sci-fi series Star Trek: Voyager. She was part of the team for the entire seven seasons, but while working she got involved in other projects. At that time, Dawson made her directorial debut with the episode “Riddles,” which aired in 1999. After working on another episode of the series, she moved on to direct several installments of Star Trek: Enterprise. She also pursued a career in writing, coming up with the play Passage Through the Heart. It debuted in 1997 at the University of Minnesota Duluth. With Daniel Graham, Dawson is also the co-author of a trilogy of science fiction novels. These include Entering Tenebrea, Tenebrea’s Hope, and Tenebrea Rising. Dawson’s acting and directing credits have also expanded. She has worked on programs like Charmed, The O.C., Close to Home, Lost, Heroes, The Closer and Cold Case. She later appeared on Coupling, The Division, The Lyon’s Den and Without a Trace.

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