Ronnie Talbott



Obsessed with video games, Ronnie is known for playing them for more than six hours a day. This married man was born on January 15, 1979, and considers his wife as his hero. For the five and a half years they’ve been married, she puts up with him immensely even if he tends to ignore her when stuck in a game.

Ronnie is also a collector of all things sci-fi, and is an enthusiast of Star Wars memorabilia. He’s also an obsessed fan of Big Brother, claiming he can recite the order of every person ever evicted from the house. Now that he’s one of those going in, he admits that what he’ll really miss having around is his kind spouse.

When he doesn’t have his hands on the controller or his eyes glued to the screen, Ronnie is practicing his vocal cords. He’s proud of being a national champion in speech and debate, an activity that he really excels in. He’s also worked as a travel agent before, and one thing he’s learned is that you can actually purchase a personal blessing from the Pope.

As a contestant on the 11th season of Big Brother, he’s competing against 11 other aspirants and a mystery houseguest. The show is hosted by Julie Chen, and is executive-produced by Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Scott Einziger.

Isolated from the outside world, the Big Brother contestants will be competing in a series of challenges for a chance to win the grand prize. There will only be one left standing this season, which is known for its eco-friendly theme and the high school clique twist. The houseguests will be divided into four categories, namely the popular kids, the athletes, the brainiacs, and the off-beats. No matter which clique they fall into, it’s still a one-man (or woman) game and there’s no doubt it’s going to be one tough battle.


Post op male

Fun Facts

Why is this ash-hole still breathing? Somebody needs to smother him with a pillow STAT!


Wang-less Wonder


What is the average height of a disease-infested sewer rat?


I'm a big fat tub of lard that lies to everybody! But don't be mean to me, I will have to cry my eyes out and wish I treated my wife better!

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