Ron and Christina


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The Amazing Race 12
1st Leg: 7th Place
2nd Leg: 9th Place
3rd Leg: 5th Place
4th Leg: 3rd Place
5th Leg: 3rd Place
6th Leg: 1st Place
7th Leg: 3rd Place
8th Leg: 3rd Place
9th Leg: 1st Place
10th Leg: 1st Place
Final Leg: 2nd Place

Ronald Hsu and Christina Hsu appear together as one of the contestant pairs in the 12th season of the Emmy Award-winning CBS competitive reality television series The Amazing Race. They are a father and daughter team, with Ronald hailing from Tacoma, WA and Christina from Washington, DC. Ronald is 58 years old and works as a vice president of sales, while his daughter is 26 years old and has a job as a policy analyst. One of their driving reasons to participate in the Race is to make up for lost time, since Ronald was constantly traveling and hard at work throughout his daughter’s early formative years.

Another goal that Christina hopes to achieve is that through the competition, her father will learn to enjoy what life has to offer, and for them to spend some quality time together. Ronald is no stranger to a high-pressure environment such as the Race, and has proclaimed himself to be a certified workaholic. He is a first-generation immigrant and the eldest son in a family of five, continuing to fulfill his job duties at a paper packaging company. He is very proud of staying married for 31 years, and of bringing up two self-sufficient daughters.

They lost the AMAZING RACE 12 title and the one million dollar prize to TK and Rachel .

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Ronald and Christina


Ronald - Male
Christina - Female

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The Amazing Race, Season 12, Runner-Up






"Donkeys have souls, too," - Christina
"I've become the Archie Bunker of the home," - Ronald
"I just hope he doesn't croak on us," - Ronald

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