Ron Mustafaa



Originally from India, Ron Mustafaa moved with his family to Oshawa, Ontario and settled there for a time. He soon obtained his education at the University of Toronto, majoring in International Law and Political Science. While he's not hitting the books though, he's busy with his many hobbies. These include playing basketball and the guitar, hanging out with friends, watching movies, and of course, acting. He's hoping to land a career in show business, following the footsteps of his idols Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. In case that doesn't work out, he's planning to attend law school in the future.

In 2010, Ron was cast as Abbud in the MTV adaptation of the British teen drama Skins. There he plays Abbud, who defies his parents' conventional wishes and prefers a lifestyle involving girls, dope, and rock and roll.

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Ron Mustafaa


2011: Skins - Abbud

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