Ron Morelli



Ronald Morelli is one of the contestants of the second season of The Biggest Loser: Couples. He is a retired food distributor from South Lyon, MI. Having just retired from the industry he’s part of for most of his career, he is now spending his time as an active member of the community, being a sitting member of the city council, as well as a member of his town’s planning commission. His weight has become a lifelong struggle for him—he was at 200 pounds when he was just nine years old, and ballooned to as much as 500 pounds. He tried everything and lost weight, only to gain it back, and is in the show after realizing that obesity is a path his sons shouldn’t take.

He joined the show with his son, Mike Morelli, and formed the Brown Team, under Bob Harper. Currently he is part of the Blue Team, still under Harper.

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