Ron G



Ron G believes that he has always been funny ever since he was a kid. Back when he was in elementary, he would act as Redd Foxx from Sanford and Son just to make a girl laugh. In middle school, he used to say jokes to get himself out of fights. His first gig as a stand-up comedian was in Uptown Comedy Club on Apollo Night, where he was booed by the audience. Ron G considers Jamie Foxx and his dad as his heroes in comedy. He admires Jamie Foxx’s gift to take a joke while he thinks that his father is the funniest man he has ever known. He also loves watching Entourage, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Martin. As for movies, all time favorites are Life, Anchorman and 300. He also watches anything Will Smith and Will Farell. As for joining the Last Comic Standing, Ron G hopes to have the once in a life time opportunity to travel the world and do stand up in different nations. He also hopes to have a steady career in acting.

Ron G became known as one of the finalists of the Last Comic Standing, a reality talent show on NBC searching for the funniest and wackiest stand-up comedian in the country. The winner shall receive a contract with NBC Universal and a Bravo Special.




2011: Douglass U - Jermaine
2010: Speed-Dating - Brian
2009: Truly Blessed - Jamal
2009: Think Twice (short) - Larry
2008: Last Comic Standing (TV series) - Himself - Comic

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