Rodrigo Santoro


Date Of Birth

August 22, 1975


Rodrigo Santoro is a Brazilian actor best known for his roles in the films 300 and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, as well as his stint in the television series Lost.

He was born on August 22, 1975 in Rio de Janeiro. He went into acting workshops while studying journalism at PUC-Rio in Rio de Janeiro. His first screen appearances were on Brazilian dramas such as Olho no Olho, Explode Coracao and Mulheres Apaixionadas. He also appeared in the miniseries Hilda Furacao, shown in 1998.

In 2001, Rodrigo Santoro would get his first major film role in Bicho de Sete Cabecas, directed by Lais Bodansky. His portrayal of a young man who is sent to a psychiatric institution after being caught smoking marijuana earned him the admiration of audiences, who were booing him before on the basis of his work in a Brazilian soap opera. He won the best actor trophy for the 2000 Brasilia Brazilian Cinema Festival, where the film was premiered. His work for the Golden Globe-nominated Abril Despedecado, released in 2001, and Caraniru, released in 2003, solidified his reputation as one of the best Brazilian actors.

His first English language production was the 2003 television movie The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, where he worked alongside Helen Mirren and Anne Bancroft. He then appeared in the 2003 action film Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, which made him popular in Hollywood. It was followed by his performance in the 2003 romantic comedy Love Actually.

Rodrigo Santoro joined the cast of the ABC series Lost in 2006, as one half of the surviving couple Nikki and Paulo. The characters were written off in the middle of the third season after negative reaction from fans about their abrupt introduction. He then appeared on the Frank Miller adaptation 300, playing Persian emperor Xerxes I.

At present, he is part of the cast of HBO's Westworld.

Place of Birth

.Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Birth Name

Rodrigo Junqueira dos Reis Santoro



Fun Facts

-When Rodrigo was kid, he wanted to be a fisherman.

-He likes to read William Shakespeare's works.

-He is a fan of the American rock band The Doors.

-He practices Transcendental Meditation and sports.

-He enjoys painting.

-He is shy and very reserved.


In 2000, he won a Candango Trophy for Best Actor
for his work in Brainstorm.

In 2002, he won a APCA Trophy, Cinema Brazil Grand Prize and Golden India Catalina for his work in Brainstorm.


2016 Westworld (TV Series)
2016 Dominion
2016 Ben-Hur
2016 Pele: Birth of a Legend
2016 Velho Chico (TV Series)
2016 Jane Got a Gun
2015 The 33
2015/II Focus
2014 Nature Is Speaking (TV Series short)
2014 Rio, I Love You
2014 Rio 2
2014 300: Rise of an Empire
2013 Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury
2013 The Last Stand
2012 Hemingway & Gellhorn (TV Movie)
2012 What to Expect When You're Expecting
2012 The Brazilians: The Women (TV Series)
2012 Kings & Rats
2011 Homens de Bem (TV Movie)
2011 My Country
2011 Heleno
2011 There Be Dragons
2011 Rio
2010 Papai Noel Existe (TV Movie)
2010 Manual Para se Defender de Alienigenas, Zumbis e Ninjas (Short)
2009 Post Grad
2009 Sound & Fury (TV Series)
2009 I Love You Phillip Morris
2008 Live, Love, Laugh, But... (Short)
2008 Che: Part One
2008 Che: Part Two
2008 Lion's Den
2008 Redbelt
2008 Os Desafinados
2007 Not by Chance
2006-2007 Lost (TV Series)
2006 300
2006 Scarface: The World Is Yours (Video Game)
2005 Today Is Maria's Day (TV Mini-Series)
2004 Owner of the Story
2004 (TV Series)
2003 Women in Love (TV Series)
2003 Love Actually
2003 Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
2003 The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (TV Movie)
2003 Carandiru
2002 Pastores da Noite (TV Mini-Series)
2001 Normal People (TV Series)
2001 Behind the Sun
2001 Estrela-Guia (TV Series)
2000 Brainstorm
1999 O Trapalhão e a Luz Azul
1999 Mild Poison (TV Series)
1999 O Belo e as Feras (TV Series)
1998 Hilda Hurricane (TV Series)
1997 O Amor Está no Ar (TV Series)
1996 Depois do Escuro (Short)
1996 A Comedy of Private Lives (TV Series)
1996 Sai de Baixo (TV Series)
1995 Explode Coração (TV Series)
1994 Pátria Minha (TV Series)
1993 Olho no Olho (TV Series)


In high school, Rodrigo's nickname was "Giraia."


6' 3" (1.91 m)


-When I was a kid, I liked watching MacGyver turn a piece of bubble gum into a bomb.

-I'd like to play Locke. This character has very interesting conflicts and approaches things using a philosophy that I find cool.

-I love both the sun and the moon, day and night. But I enjoy the day the most because I live in Rio and I can play sports.

- It's very normal for men in Brazil to wear Speedos. But I always do trunks.

-I like hiking or any sport. But good food and conversation are very important. And I like to cook.

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