"Rowdy" Roddy Piper



“Rowdy” Roddy Piper came to the WWF as the host of an interview segment called Piper’s Pit in 1984. He’d sarcastically belittle his guest, refusing to allow them to speak and usually end up in a fist fight. When “Superfly” Jimma Snuka appeared on the show Piper made a show of helping him to feel at home by decorating the table with tropical fruit. Piper then cracked Snuka over the skull with a coconut and shoved a banana in his face, igniting a hot feud between the two. Another time Piper kicked visiting pop star Cindy Lauper in the head. When Hulk Hogan ran to her defense the two of them agreed to a match called The War to Settle the Score on MTV, leading up to the top match at the first Wrestlemania. Piper boxed Mr. T. at Wrestlemania II and formally retired to become a full time Hollywood actor following a haircut match with Adrian Adonis at Wrestlemania III. Piper returned two years later with a live Piper’s Pit at Wrestlemania V with controversial Christian talk show host Morton Downey Jr. Downey was known for smoking through each broadcast so Piper sprayed him with a fire extinguisher. Piper engaged in feuds with Ravishing Rick Rude, Bad News Brown and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and The Mounty before losing the Intercontinental Championship, his first and only gold, to Bret “The Hitman” Hart at Wrestlemania VIII in his second official retirement match. Piper had a run in WCW, reigniting his feud with Hulk Hogan one more time with the question “Do you really think people would have loved you so much if they hadn’t hated me?” He’s returned off and on to the WWE ever since for one time matches, guest referee gimmicks and Piper’s Pit interviews. Performer Roderick George Toombs, born April 17, 1954, is not Scottish. He was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He dropped out of junior high school and had a falling out with his father, living on the road and staying in youth hostels wherever he could find them. He became a Golden Gloves boxing champion and was awarded a Black Belt in Judo from icon Gene LaBell. At the age of 16 Toombs became the youngest pro wrestler on record when he lost his debut match to Larry “The Axe” Henning, father of “Mister Perfect” Curt Henning, in just ten seconds. He paid his dues for several years losing every match he fought throughout Kansas, Texas and Canada before booker Leo Garibaldi recognized him as a potential money making villain. Piper became the most despised villain in the Los Angeles promotion by relentlessly making fun of working class Latinos, promising to play the Mexican national anthem on his bagpipes only to play La Cucharacha instead. He had an on going feud with Chavo Guerrero Sr., father of the current WWE star. He starred in the horror movie They Live, in the documentary Bloodstained Memories and was a guest on Saturday Night Live, MadTV, Walker, Texas Ranger, Robocop: The Series, The Outer Limits and The Man Show.

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