Robin Tunney


Date Of Birth

June 19, 1972


Robin Tunney is an Irish American actress who was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 19, 1972. She graduated from Carl Sandburg High School in 1990, and continued her studies at the Chicago Academy for the Arts. She pursued her interest in acting and moved to Los Angeles, California to make it in the entertainment business. She then obtained several recurring television roles, including some on Class of ’96, Life Goes On, Law & Order, and Dream On.

Tunney broke through the movie industry playing a suicidal teenager in the film Empire Records, as well as a powerful witch in the cult film The Craft. She underwent changes in her appearance for her roles, like shaving her head for Empire Records and wearing a wig in The Craft. Tunney soon got a major role on television’s Prison Break, playing the over-achieving Veronica Donovan on the Fox series. Her other TV appearances include House M.D., The Twilight Zone, and voicing characters on the animated Seth Green series Robot Chicken. She also landed the role of Teresa Lisbon on the series The Mentalist, and was cast in such films like August, Zodiac, and Runaway. Tunney was also able to land a part in the comedy Passenger Side, starring Adam Scott and Joel Bissonnette.

Place of Birth

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Robin Tunney



Fun Facts

-Since she actually shaved her head for her role of Debra in the movie Empire Records, Robin Tunney had to wear a wig while filming The Craft.

-In 2007, Tunney married Australian writer/director Andrew Dominik.

-She consumed an entire jar of mustard while on Oprah.


In 2006, Robin Tunney won the Festival Prize for Best Actress for Open Window.

In 1997, she shared an MTV Movie Award with Fairuza Balk for Best Fight for The Craft.

In 1997, she won a Volpi Cup for Best Actress for Niagara, Niagara.


1992 - Encino Man as Ella
1994 - Law & Order as Jill Templeton
1995 - Empire Records as Debra
1996 - The Craft as Sarah Bailey
1997 - Julian Po as Sarah
1998 - Montana as Kitty
1999 - End of Days as Christine York
2000 - Vertical Limit as Annie Garrett
2000 - Supernova as Danika Lund
2001 - Investigating Sex as Zoe
2002 - The Secret Lives of Dentists as Laura
2002 - Cherish as Zoe
2003 - Abby Singer as Herself
2003 - The In-Laws as Angela Harris
2003 - The Twilight Zone as Edie Durant
2004 - Paparazzi as Abby Laramie
2004 - House as Rebecca Adler
2005 - The Zodiac as Laura Parish
2005 - Runaway as Carly
2005–2006 - Prison Break as Veronica Donovan
2006 - Hollywoodland as Leonore Lemmon
2006 - The Darwin Awards as Zoe
2006 - Open Window as Izzy
2008 - August as Melanie
2008 - The Burning Plain as Laura
2008 - present - The Mentalist as Teresa Lisbon
2008 - Passenger Side as Theresa
2008 - The Two Mr. Kissels as Nancy Kissel




5' 4" (1.63 m)


"I was always brought up to say please and thank you and always tell the truth, and people were saying, 'Oh my God, what's going to happen with your character next year [on Prison Break]' and I wasn't allowed to say, so I felt really guilty because I was lying to all these people, including my neighbors. You know, the character had its run, and I was really happy to be part of a show that was so successful and that people loved so much, but there was really nothing else for her to do."

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