Robert Walden


Date Of Birth

September 25, 1943


Actor Robert Walden was born on September 25, 1943 in New York. He received his education at New York City College, studied acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse and underwent training with Milton Katselas. He began his career in 1970, but before that he played music with the group Bobby & The Chord-A-Roys. He was first cast in 1970's Bloody Momma and was since given roles in films like Blue Sunshine and the Hospital. He became known for playing Joe Rossi in the series Lou Grant. This earned him fame, and three nominations for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Aside from being cast as a young doctor several times, Walden was also recognized for his portrayal of numerous historical figures. He played J. Robert Oppenheimer in the TV movie Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb and was even cast as Donald Segretti in 1976's All the President's Men.

Later on in his career, he joined the cast of Brothers on the Showtime network. He was later cast on the series Happily Divorced with Fran Drescher. He has also used his skills to teach acting at the The New School for Drama. He has even dabbled in directing, earning several awards for his directorial debut: a production of "Dylan."

Place of Birth

New York City, New Yor

Birth Name

Robert Wolkowitz




2011: Happily Divorced (TV series) - Glen
2010: The Gardener (short) - Mr. Thompson (voice)
2010: Trooper - VA Doctor
2009: Surviving in L.A. - Walter
2007: Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe - Dr. Kubelkoff
2006: Cricket Head (short) - Dale Head
2005: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV series) - William Dorsey
2005: Whiskey School - Alex Cavanaugh
2005: Time of Fear - Sheriff Joe Calabro
2001: The West Wing (TV series) - Sen. Rossiter, D
2001: The Fluffer - Herman Lasky (aka Chad Cox)
2000: Judging Amy (TV series) - Ian Tyson
1999: Desert Thunder - Gen. Tom Brockton
1999: Kiss of a Stranger - Stephen Block
1998: Heist - Police Detective
1997: In Dark Places - Diller
1997: Pacific Blue (TV series) - Carl Regis
1996: Life Happens (short) - Mike
1995-1996: Melrose Place (TV series) - Norman
1994: Radioland Murders - Tommy
1992: Reasonable Doubts (TV series) - Joe McMann
1991: Pros and Cons (TV series) - Nick Trent
1984-1989: Brothers (TV series) - Joe Waters
1989: Father Dowling Mysteries (TV series) - Vincent Tillman
1988: Hotel (TV series) - Tom Conner
1987: The New Mike Hammer (TV series) - Gary Kurtz
1987: Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love (TV movie) - Robert Lane
1987: Matlock (TV series) - Roger Bundy
1985: Murder, She Wrote (TV series) - Lt. Antonelli
1983: Memorial Day (TV movie) - Gibbs
1977-1982: Lou Grant (TV series) - Joe Rossi
1981: The Love Boat (TV series) - Jeff Thatcher
1980: Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb (TV movie) - J. Robert Oppenheimer
1978: Centennial (TV mini-series) - Dr. Richard Butler
1978: Capricorn One - Elliot Whitter
1978: Blue Sunshine - David Blume
1978: A Rainy Day (short) - Manager
1977: The Hostage Heart (TV movie) - Brian O'Donnel
1977: Audrey Rose - Brice Mack
1974-1977: The Streets of San Francisco (TV series) - Detective Arnie, SFPD/Frankie/Hubert 'Gimp' Franklin
1977: Rhoda (TV series) - Ernie Joyce
1977: Police Story (TV series) - Investigator Lou Bleyer
1977: Hunter (TV series)
1973-1976: Columbo (TV series) - Billy Fine/Plainclothesman
1976: Police Woman (TV series) - Spider Denton
1976: Starsky and Hutch (TV series) - Pompey
1976: The Rockford Files (TV series) - Barry Silverstein
1976: All the President's Men - Donald Segretti
1974-1975: Medical Center (TV series) - Dr. Corelli
1975: The Kansas City Massacre (TV movie) - Adam Richette
1973-1975: The Rookies (TV series) - Joey/Kevin/Mark Haines
1975: Little Boy Blue
1974: Panic on the 5:22 (TV movie) - Eddie Chiario
1974: The Great Ice Rip-Off (TV movie) - Checker
1974: Jerry (TV movie) - Jerry Edwards
1974: Larry (TV movie) - Tom Corman
1974: Our Time - Frank
1973: Adam's Rib (TV series) - Keller
1973: Shirts/Skins (TV movie) - Dick Dubin
1973: The Ted Bessell Show (TV movie)
1972-1973: The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (TV series) - Dr. Martin Cohen
1973: Kojak (TV series) - Maurice Fisher
1973: Maxie - Finn
1972: Rage - Dr. Tom Janeway
1972: Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask - Sperm
1972: Bobby Jo and the Good Time Band (TV movie) - Augie
1971: The Hospital - Dr. Brubaker
1970: The Out of Towners - Looter
1970: Bloody Mama - Fred Barker
1970: A Run for the Money - Murdock
1970: Pigeons - Winslow Smith

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